RAW 2017

Glitter in the Wound

Glitter in the Wound image“There is no room under my bed for his notes and postcards, his words drift upwards into my ears as I sleep, and I want to hoover under there.”

Emma is talking about rape.
Talking openly. About surviving rape, and living with mental illness.
She thinks that these are conversations we should be having more often.

Emma knows that everyone has their own vulnerabilities, and that covering yourself in glitter and getting a hamster might not be your cup of tea, but she invites you along for the ride as she reclaims space, is thoroughly her odd self and celebrates being joyfully vulnerable.

Glitter in the Wound is a new, solo autobiographical work-in-progress piece exploring mental health, sexual violence and feminism, in an honest and uplifting way.


Emma is a theatre maker, writer, performer, artist and puppet maker. She’s also a recent graduate, she’s been busy! Emma’s first solo show Rock, Paper, Scissors was created and performed in 2016. This year she has been developing this work alongside branching out into puppetry, and creating new material for her current project Glitter in the Wound. Emma’s work focuses on mental health, sexual violence and feminism, it’s playful, painful and honest.

Running time: Approximately 30 minutes

Showing on:
Friday September 22nd at 5pm

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