RAW 2017

Daddy and Me

“He said it was a game, a secret game between me and him.” Elsie has always wanted a little sister, someone to play with and talk to, someone to love her unconditionally. She has that with Jessie and she will do anything she can to protect her and keep her away from the monster that lives in their house. A story of long term sexual abuse and domestic violence is told throughout a series of interviews conducted by Detective Wright, who weeds through the families lies to uncover the truth of what really happened to little Jessie. But who’s telling the truth and will she believe them?

[warning - mature themes]

Written and directed by Isabelle Posner.
“Daddy and Me” is not just a piece of theatre that I made up on the spot, it took months of research into sexual abuse and domestic violence to really uncover how situations like the one depicted in the play happen and how a being in a situation like that can never truly leave you. I have been writing and directing for a little over two years now, with my work always centring around the so called ‘taboo’ topics that us as a society are too afraid to address. By putting these topics into a performative manner, my aim has always been to inform and educate the audience about the topics presented in my writing and by doing so can hopefully spread awareness about how important it is to not brush topics such as these under the carpet. They need to be heard and talked about in order to provoke change. 

Running time: Approximately 60 minutes

Showing on:
Friday September 22nd at 3.30pm

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