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We Are Ian

In Bed With My Brother

We Are Ian

1989. Manchester. A frenzy of drugs, beats and bucket hats. Illegal raves. Acid parties. Just jumping up and down in a field and throwing two fingers to Thatcher… Remember it?
Because we don’t. We weren’t even born. But Ian was. And Ian does remember.
We’ve got fuck all now (Ian tells us). So, we’re going back to 1989. We’re gonna neck a brown biscuit. We’re gonna get off our peanuts. We’re gonna bounce around like idiots. And Ian’s going to show us how.
We’re mad fer it. And you will be too. Let’s party...

WE ARE IAN is about our mate Ian, who was our age in the late 80s and early 90s Acid House scene in Manchester. The show is made from recordings of conversations we’ve had with Ian, and scored by his favourite tracks from the era. It's a messy, multimedia mish-mash of clowning, dance routines and bad lip-syncing.

Showing on:
Friday September 16th at 7.30pm

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