RAW 2015

We Had A Black DogWe Had A Black Dog image

People who’ve had a "black dog" in their lives often say that in retrospect, “the black dog” probably had been sniffing around for a long time. A lack of communication and understanding often leads to "the black dog" ruling people's lives until they cannot see the world around them clearly.

Performed to a live vocal soundscape 'We Had A Black Dog' is a physical theatre piece that attempts to deal with the role of depression today. Drawing on interviews conducted with people who have dealt with depression 'We Had A Black Dog' aims to fully address this issue in a world full of connotations imprinted on depression.

Presented by Climbing Trees Theatre Company
Directed by Matthew Holmquist and Michael Reece
Choreographed by Michael Reece and Lara Hamilton
Performed by Claire Crawford, James Bowen, Devon Cairns, Lara Hamilton, Michael Reece and Matthew Holmquist

Created in Collaboration with original testimonies from friends, family and the general public.

Showing on:
Thursday June 11th at 7.30pm and Saturday June 13th at 2.30pm

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