RAW 2015

Twinkle Toes

by In Bed With My Brother

In Bed With My BrotherFilthy, feral and gorged on syrup, Twinkle Toes is stuck in a videotape of 90s stage school nostalgia.

Last year, Kat found a cache of forgotten VHS tapes in her attic. Popping one in a VCR and pressing play transported her back in time, to 90s Warwickshire and her stint at a small-town children’s Theatre School.

In this one-woman show, Kat comes to life as Twinkle Toes; a grotesque ballerina, confined to a cage and trapped in a noisy mirage of skin tight leotards, fake smiles and back-bending extravaganzas. Bound to the tape, she is doomed to play, repeat, rewind, play, repeat, fast-forward in an desperate desire to entertain.

Performed by Kat Cory

Thanks to the New Diorama Theatre & Ideastap, and Nicole Alexander for the costume.

In Bed With My Brother
Twitter: @inbedwithmybro

Showing on:
Thursday 11th June at 7.30pm and Saturday 13th June at 2.30pm

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