RAW 2015

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Who really controls your money, and where ​does it go? The play takes place in the near future, in a dystopian world. 

We follow two friends, Robin and Marc, who unwittingly become accomplices when they are caught up in events surrounding a cybercrime. 

A hacktivist group has launched an attack on the banking system, and when they enter Robin and Marc's flat to continue the online attack, events rapidly descend into chaos. 

Co-writers and directors: Alice Fitzgerald and Cara Delaney

Robin       -   David Nation
Marc        -   Freddie McManus
Edie          -   Miranda Stewart
Gemma    -    Anna North
Howard    -    Will Beynon
Sheridan   -    James Bush
Ruth          -    Grace Low
Lucas         -    Harry Voge

Company name: New Shoots Theatre

Showing on:
Friday 12th June and Saturday 13th June at 7.30pm

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