RAW 2014

Alpha Effect posterThe Alpha Effect

‘The Alpha Effect’ is a physical theatre piece by an all-male cast exploring the struggles and stereotypes of masculinity in the 21st century. Using the setting of a prison, we explore the social expectations of behaviour within groups of men and through our dynamic use of physical theatre we articulate and question these expectations. We have incorporated exciting choreography and ensemble work to explore the potential and the limitations of the male body. Come along and enjoy this thought-provoking, explosive and moving piece which will challenge your perceptions of male behaviour in our society.

Directors: Daniel Hamilton and Harry Kingscott
Choreography: Laura Brown
Producer: Victoria Fullick
Cast:  Tom Durden, Ben Gilbert,Harry Kingscott, Daniel Hamilton, Eoin McAndrew, Michael Reese, Dan Shepherd, Sam Ward

Showing on:
Friday October 3rd and Saturday October 4th at 7.30pm


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