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A Fools Proof - Scratchworks Theatre CompanyA Fool's Proof

Trapped in a well shaft for 56 hours, a little girl waits to be found. Above ground, three journalists chase the story every step of the way, framing it for media consumption and spinning it wildly, erratically and erroneously away from the truth. Inspired by true events, this tale searches for answers and scatters accusations as the rescue mission struggles on.

A Fool’s Proof takes inspiration from the true story of Jessica McClure, who at 18 months old was trapped for 56 hours down a water well in Midland, Texas in 1987. In the midst of the media’s current obsession with ‘missing child’ stories, Scratchworks uses sharp new writing, imaginative tomfoolery and earthy folk music to scrutinise the media’s editorial power over public perception. 

The Company

Scratchworks Theatre Company is an emerging company based in Exeter made up of four performers who work collaboratively. Our creative work places a strong emphasis on storytelling and draws inspiration from a variety of different forms, in particular, physical theatre, clowning and live music. We aim to create theatre that is playful, imaginative and comes from a place of honesty, whether it is another’s true story or a personal experience, there is always truth at the heart of our work. Scratchworks is supported by the BikeShed Theatre in Exeter and has received mentoring from Lecoq-trained theatre company Rhum and Clay.

This company has real unbridled talent” Broadway Baby

Showing on:
Thursday October 2nd at 7.30pm and Saturday October 4th at 2.30pm

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