RAW 2014


A workshop production, adapted from the novel by Irvine Welsh

Skagboys imageBefore Trainspotting came Skagboys.
Mark Renton has it all: he’s young, has a pretty girlfriend, a place at university and a bright future. But along with his friends; the unemployed Spud, the scamming Sick Boy and the psychotic Frank Begbie, they struggle to belong in the early 1980s. As they spin more out of control, their only way out is heroin, stealing and violence, and not one of them will ever be the same again.
Set in Scotland during one of the most turbulent decades in British memory, Skagboys explores the themes of lad culture, young people facing life after university, unemployment, and the extremes to which they go to escape.

This is an original adaptation of the Irvine Welsh novel; this workshop production uses multimedia and a soundtrack of Northern Soul classics to follow their journey from daft young lads into young addicts.

Directed by Harry Kingscott
Adapted by Jake Francis and Harry Kingscott

Emma Beckett
Ieuan Coombs
Tom Durden
Jake William Francis
Victoria Fullick
Daniel Hamilton
Rowen Robinson
Oliver Wheatley
Isabelle Woolley

Showing on:
Wednesday 4th June from 2pm,
Thursday 5th June from 7pm.

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