RAW 2014

Shakespeare in Hell

Shakespeare in Hell posterTo be or not to be? In Hell there is no question.

The sins of man will be purged away, they say, but not until they have suffered the torment fitting with their crimes. But are the accused guilty? If you sinned for love, in the name of God or as an act of patriotism, you may not find you deserve the heat. But things without all remedy should be without regard, what's done is done, what must be shall be. Blood will have blood and dog will have his day in the flames.

Follow Ariel through Dante´s nine circles of Hell to discover the blood spattered histories of eighteen of Shakespeare's most memorable characters as they collide with likewise guilty sinners from the Bard's canon. Faithlessness, lust, gluttony, greed, wrath, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery are their sins.

What are you going to Hell for?


Creators: Emily Carding, Kolbrun Sigfusdottir and Dana Bowman.
Directed by Kolbrun Sigfusdottir.
Assistant director: Dana Bowman.
Mashed by Kolbrun and Emily Carding.
Performed by Bryony Reynolds, Emily Carding, Dana Bowman, Kris Jennings and Melissa Barrett.
Costumes and artwork: Emily Carding. 

Showing on:
Wednesday 4th June from 7pm,
Saturday 7th from 2pm.

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