RAW 2014

Our Lords and Masters In Their Human Form

Written by Jack Wrighton
Directed by Jamie Manton and Jack Wrighton

Our Lords and Masters In Their Human Form poster‘Our political figures have become indistinguishable; blending into the dull grey of their generic suits. Many have turned a blind eye. I would like to change this and invite you to watch as they are torn apart at the seams.’ – The Announcer.

Eight public figures find themselves in a sealed room, the glassy eye of a camera ready to capture their every word. There’s no room for slip-ups and there’s no room for arguing – they must work together. However a mysterious voice is working against them.

Hannah Aldridge
Will Beynon
Philippe Edwards
Henry Fewster
Lucy Hirst
Michael Smith
Katherine Stevens
Emma True
Ryan Whittle

Showing on:
Wednesday 4th June from 2pm,
Thursday 5th June from 7pm.

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