RAW 2014

A Little Commedia Chaos

A Little Commedia Chaos posterSeveral fun, fast and crazy sketches brought to you by a hilarious cast of actors.

The sketches are inspired by classic Commedia Dell' Arte routines and are based on sketches by Barry Grantham and the Scala commedia scenarios.  

The cast draws on methods from Jacques Lecoq, Stanley Allen Sherman and Dario Fo, to create these slap stick scenes that will have you crying with laughter: For a show full of disturbing doctors, angry misers , sexy lovers, naughty servants and crazy clowns, don't miss this madness.

Written by Fergus Rattigan and Daniel Burnage, and directed by Fergus Rattigan.

Director: Fergus Rattigan
Assistant Director: Leah Getz
Writers: Daniel Burnage & Fergus Rattigan
Poster Design: Chris O'Connor

Cast list:
Daniel Burnage
M. Chase Grant
Carmen Paddock
Aaron Turner
Luke Lane
Prudence Mary Catley

Showing on:
Wednesday 4th June from 2pm and 7pm,
Thursday 5th June from 7pm,
Saturday 7th June from 2pm.

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