RAW 2014


Blink PosterThe brain. The control centre of everything the human body can do.

To breathe, blink, communicate; everything relies on the connection between the mind and the body.

What happens when this mind/body connection is flawed, broken, stopped? What happens when the mind wants to communicate, but the body cannot?

This dance theatre piece explores the complex mind/body connection, and lightly touches on the experiences of those involved with brain injuries. Do we sometimes take our working minds and bodies for granted?

Performed by: 
Aimee Corry
Nicole Dadhley
Sarah Pearson
Kyle Pryke
Liisa Ratio
Joel Smith

Choreographed by Jasmine Ricketts & the cast

Showing on:
Thursday 5th June from 2pm,
Saturday 7th June from 7pm.

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